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Welcome to Ireland Premier Karcher Distributer with secure site and fast delivery. We have lowered the prices of machines on our site. Check them out.

K4 More Details >>
The Karcher K4 is a powerful washer
that's perfect for everything from patio
cleaning to valeting the car.

An 1800-watt motor generates a maximum
pressure of 130 bars, giving this
Karcher pressure washer an impressive
water flow of 42...
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€ 195.12  23% 
SC 2.500 C
As Seen on TV!

More Details >>
Small, compact, continuously refillable steam cleaner in modern design. Powerful machine for cleaning all hard surfaces without chemicals thanks to 3.2 bar steam pressure and 1500 W.
  Price  Vat    
SC 2.500 C
€ 203.25  23% 
SC 1.020 Steam Cleaner
Great Value!

More Details >>
The Kärcher SC 1.020 is extremely versatile and cleans without chemicals. The SC 1.020 with innovative floor nozzle is ideal for cleaning all types of hard floors. This steam cleaner is also suitable for cleaning other hard surfaces. For example, ...
  Price  Vat    
SC 1020
€ 105.68  23% 
T10/1 Adv
Free Delivery!

More Details >>
This compact unit has a 1.250 W rating
and generates a high vacuum of 24.4 kPa
(244 mbar). It is operated via a foot
switch without the need to stoop. The
handily shaped curved grip with clip
system and infinitely adjustable suction
  Price  Vat    
€ 138.00  23% 
Free Delivery and Lower Price of €73 (Was €96)

More Details >>
Compact, lightweight, practical, robust
- the K 2.120 high-pressure cleaner is
ideal for occasional use around the
house. This portable high-pressure
cleaner is suitable,
e.g. for cleaning cars, garden furniture
or patios. An impact-res...
  Price  Vat    
€ 69.11  23% 
WV50 More Details >>
The innovative “water suction” of the
new electric window vac WV 50 makes the
cleaning process a lot easier.
No dripping down of dirty water anymore.
In this way the WV 50 guarantees a
hygienic working without leaving streaks
at the su...
  Price  Vat    
WV50 Window Cleaner
€ 56.91  23% 
KM70/15C More Details >>
The KM 70/15 C stands out due to the 2-
wheels driven main roller brush. The
advantages of this concept are
especially the good straight forward
drive and the sweeping result when
driving a curve. Even when there is only
one wheel drive...
  Price  Vat    
€ 390.00  23%